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Park Slope’s Tea Lounge

Macs and Coffee

Macs and Coffee

Lounging around with cake's, tea or coffee.

Lounging around with cakes, tea or coffee.

For centuries coffee shops and tea lounges have offered an inexpensive place for people to meet, discuss ideas, read and work. The lounge format of the Park Slope‘s Tea Lounge offers a couch based format with WiFi that is densely enough populated to not really be conducive to much animated discussion but better suited to solitary work.

The WiFi is free and functional but struggles to cope with the burdens placed upon it by the many happy Brooklynites who use the spacious facility. The access point has been known to be hacked with humorous SSIDs left behind by the intruder. It’s not so reassuring to read a network ID of “tea lounge lilkid was here” as a room of people check mail and other accounts with potentially plain text passwords traveling through the access point.

Park Slope's Tea Lounge

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837 Union St., Park Slope. Q to 7th Ave, 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza or M/R to Unions St. (Free WiFi)    Send article as PDF   

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The hive at 55 Broad Street

I guess a hive is where people work in close proximity

The hive at 55 Broad Street

Tonight the Alliance for downtown New York held the launch party for the hive at 55, their new co-working space at 55 Broad Street in the Wall Street Area.

The location comprises two conference rooms (One with projector), three offices and a large open plan area with four communal tables just like your favourite French cafe.

The services include drop in days at $25, and a range of day per month memberships from $50 for 3 days to $200 for 12 days or a full time package at $500 per month. At the Full time level it is possible to have a storage locker and use the 55 Broad Street postal address.

The space has a pleasant pastel feel to it and good light. The door access cards begin at a $150 membership level so you will be calling up from the lobby below that level in order to get access to the building. The other consideration has to be how important phone calls are to you. In the communal table format used by co-working spaces frequent calls will not endear you to your co-works so you have the option of temporarily or more permanently relegating yourself to a conference room or office. At present the conference room booking policies have yet to be set.

At the price these co-working space do provide a quieter, more professional environment than Starbucks and with the full-time model also give you an address. They provide a bottom rung startup a way of avoiding Manhattan’s real estate costs and allows some meeting of clients and banter with new found co-workers. The networking aspect is a big part of what many people comment on with Tony Bacigalupo‘s earlier and less accessible New Work City on Varick Street.

The main room of the hive at 55

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Technology News

This isn’t new but I keep talking to people who haven’t bumped into it. I guess people aren’t exploring podcasts to the extent they use to but one of the most useful sources of up to the minute information in the technology world is Andrew McCaskey’s daily technology podcast. It is a good quality (We use to say professional) audio program with straight forward technology news that would be of great help to anybody in the technology startup field. It isn’t for main stream businesses with only a casual usage of technology. It carries developments in active technologies and new product speculation and announcements. The content is sourced from other news sources such as Slash Dot.

You can also find SDR News on your copy of iTunes.

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