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18% of US Mobile Phones now run Android — 12% are iPhones

Neilson and Comscore have both released cell phone data today.

Neilson have a nice graphic showing US phone usage. With 30% now using either iPhones or Android and as result having access to a more extensive range of applications.

Phone Users by Technlogy

43% of 43% are using Android = 18.5%

It isn’t clear what proportion of consumers still have no cell phone at all but it does also mean that 70% of consumers don’t have access to an application store worth mentioning. Things are more promising for 25 to 34 year olds where 62% have a smartphone. While it isn’t stated their is probably a higher proportion of iPhone and Android phones among that 62% as well. Probably something around 50% of consumers in the age range have access to an effective application store.

There is a graph of the usage by age range here but the full text requires payment.

Comscore, who surveyed 30,000 mobile phone users has figures for the proportion of cell phone users (87%) and shows Android with a very similar 48.8% of smartphones of which 25.3% are from Samsung the largest manufacturer. LG have 20.6%. Apple added 1.3% of all mobile subscribers in the preceding 3 months. Android’s growth of 4.6% of smart phone subscribers coming at the expense of RIM. The iPhone 4S won’t be reflected in these numbers yet as they show until the end of September.

43% of all mobile subscribers use their web browser and the same number also have downloaded applications. 71% have sent a text message. This is similar to the proportion of people who use Facebook at least once a month.

Comscore’s released information can be found here.

My conclusion would be that about 40% of people are actively using digital mobile technology and that this is going to continue to increase as people replace phones and become aware of benefits at a rate of a couple of percent per quarter. Maybe hitting 55% over the next 18 months (The numbers we have are 2-4 months delayed). After that its going to be a slower haul to get the next 15%.    Send article as PDF   

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